Normal Arabica Crop says Coffee Growers

Harvest of Arabica in India started earlier than usual in the last week of November.

According to coffee growers,The arabica crop is seen normal this year.

Growers expecting Arabica crop around last year’s level of 90,000 tonnes, while the Coffee Board has pegged in its post-blossom estimates at 1.03 lakh tonnes.

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The market arrivals of arabicas has been normal as growers — especially the smaller ones — have been selling the beans to meet their cash-flow demand, exporters said.

“We are expecting a Robusta crop less than last year in Karnataka because of drought and erratic rains,” said HT Pramod, chairman of Karnataka Planters’ Association.

Growers also says Robusta output could be hit badly by the severe dry spell and delayed monsoon this year. 

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