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SCENTED COFFEE STAMP : Send the Aroma of Coffee to Your Loved Ones

Amid growing cafe culture in the country , The Coffee Board and India Post launched a coffee-scented stamp in Bengaluru on Sunday. Coffee-lovers will now have a reason to pick up a pen and write a letter to a friend.

The Rs100 stamps, featuring beans, a kettle and a steaming cup of coffee on it and the word COFFEE,When rubbed lightly, one can smell the aroma of coffee on the stamp.

Commemorative coffee-scented postage stamp is on sale via the India Post’s website, plus 84 “philatelic bureaus” across the country.

Commerce and Industry Minister Nirmala Sitharaman and Telecom Minister Manoj Sinha launched the stamps at the General Post Office.

Mr Sinha said, after signing the album with the stamp “It is fitting that we have a stamp to commemorate coffee since it is so popular in the country, especially in South India. A few years ago, when I was travelling in Coorg, I realised that here coffee is grown in fields the way wheat is grown in my village”.

Ms Sitharaman said, “Philately enthusiasts have been waiting for the release of this stamp. I have also been looking forward to it. The stamp is significant because India’s role as a grower and exporter of coffee has captured international attention.”

“Philatelists usually collect stamps based on themes. Stamps on local personalities are not of international interest but one like this, with the aroma of coffee, would be sought by philatelists all over the world,” said Suresh R, governing council member of the Karnataka Philatelic Society.

India introduced its first aromatic stamp in 2006, with a ₹15 sandalwood-scented stamp, followed by rose-scented stamps in four varieties of the flower in 2007 at ₹5 each, and a jasmine fragrance in 2008.

Coffee growers show your love for coffee Buy it here: www.epostoffice.gov.in


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