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Coffee May Promote Better Team Work

Let’s take a moment and acknowledge the value of coffee in our lives. The endless cramming sessions before exams when our dearest cuppa was our only true companion, or the many grumpy mornings and boring meetings it helped us sail through. Turns out, that a cup of coffee may work wonders in keeping people more alert and promote better team work. 

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According to the study published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology,  people who drank coffee beforehand gave more positive reviews for their group’s performance. They also evaluated their own performance to be much better. 

Amit Singh from The Ohio State University, one of the researchers said that coffee’s ability of making people alert could be used to boost team performance. 

 “Not surprisingly, people who drank caffeinated coffee tended to be more alert. We found that increased alertness was what led to the positive results for team performance,” Singh said.

For the study, the team involved over 100 students. The first study involved undergraduate students who took part in a coffee tasting task. While half of them were asked to drink a cup of coffee and rate its flavour at the beginning, the other half were made to do this at the end of the experiment.

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The study revealed that those who drank the coffee before the discussion rated themselves and their fellow team members more positively than those who drank coffee after the discussion, 

As part of the second study, students drank coffee at the beginning of the study. It is to be noted that half of them drank decaf and the others drank caffeinated brew.

It was revealed that those who drank the caffeinated coffee rated themselves as more alert than those who drank decaf. They also rated themselves and their fellow group members more positively than others.

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It is interesting to note that people who drank caffeinated coffee were more likely( than those who drank decaf)  to say they would be willing to work with their group again.
Another striking feature that was observes was that, people not only spoke more after drinking coffee they also digressed less from the topic and were able to have more engaging discussions. 


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