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Baba Budangiri Arabica Coffee goes for GI tag

Coffee Board of India recently filed an application for the Geographical Indication(GI) tagging of India’s first grown Coffee in Chikmangaluru Baba Budangiri.

A Special Variety of Arabica is grown across 40 thousands acres around Baba Budangiri hills.

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Coffee Board official said, application also filed for four other major coffee varities -Coorg Arabica, Wayanad Robusta, Chikmagalur Arabic and Araku Valley Arabica —with the Geographical Indication Registry at Chennai.

“We have applied for the GI marker and we are also profiling the majority variety grown in Baba Budangiri, a variety called Selection-795,” said Board head.

According to data , S-795 is the most prominent coffee grown at Baba Budangiri which is natural descendant of two of the oldest African cultivars of coffee — Coffea Arabica and Coffea Liberica

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Coffee is now grown not only in Baba Budangiri but spreads to ideal areas like Kodagu,Hassan and Wayanad,Travancore.



2. Image Courtesy :Badra Estates,Bababudangiri 


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