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Which Indian state is the largest producer of coffee?

Karnataka state is the largest producer of coffee in India.

The state contributed about 70% of the total production of coffee in India during 2016-17 with 2.33 lakh MT coffee production. The main variety of coffee grown in Karnataka is Robusta, but the state also produces a small quantity of Arabica. The state witnesses good climatic conditions, high altitude, sloppy mountains, and adequate rainfall which are favorable for coffee plantation. The coffee plantation takes place in the district of Chikkamagaluru, Hassan, and Kodagu in Karnataka.

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During 2017-18, Karnataka produced a total of 222,300 metric tonnes of coffee comprising of 69,025 metric tonnes of Arabica and 153,275 metric tonnes of Robusta. This year’s state production saw an overall decline of 29,460 metric tonnes in the coffee production compared to the post-blossom estimate for 2017-18. The production of Arabica has fallen by 6,275 metric tonnes and Robusta by 23,185 metric tonnes. The district of Kodagu suffered a major loss of about 16,950 metric tonnes comprising of 950 metric tonnes of Arabica and 16,000 metric tonnes of Robusta. Kodagu was followed by Chikkamagaluru district with a decline of 9,136 metric tonnes of coffee production in which Arabica was 4,300 metric tonnes and Robusta was 4,835 metric tonnes.

Although Karnataka experienced good blossom showers, but due to the lack of adequate rains required for the initial blossoming of the crop and high temperatures, the production of coffee declined in the state, especially of Robusta. Drying of water resources essential for irrigation of the coffee crop added to the worsening of the situation.

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However, Karnataka witnessed a shortfall in its coffee production but it still managed to be on the top of the list of the largest producers of coffee in India.

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Source: Maps of India

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