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Diet Habit: Victoria Beckham ‘chews COFFEE BEANS instead of drinking alcohol on nights out’

Its been reported that the 43-year-old former Spice Girl turned fashion designer- Victoria Beckham – likes to chew on coffee beans during nights out to avoid drinking alcohol.

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“Victoria will quite happily chew coffee beans if tempted to have a drink while socialising.”

Victoria – who is known to enjoy a tipple of tequila- is said to have developed a taste for coffee beans to try to avoid hangovers.

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The source added to The Sun newspaper: “She wants to remain fresh in mornings and only truly lets her hair down on significant occasions.”

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However, it seems that her eldest son Brooklyn, 18, isn’t keen on his mum’s latest habit. A source told the same paper: ‘Brooklyn really isn’t a fan. In fact, he’s pretty disgusted by it.’

Last week, the mother of four children stunned fans when she said the secret to her figure was starting the day with two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar.

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