Below normal Monsoon this year: Skymet

As per Skymet Weather report, India’s monsoons for the year 2017 is expected to be below normal. It predicted that monsoon in 2017 is likely to remain at 95 % with an error margin of ±5 percent.

The Skymet report said, “Monsoon 2017 is likely to remain below normal at 95% (with an error margin of +/-5%) of the long period average (LPA) of 887 mm for the four-month period from June to September.”

This means that the average rainfall for the four months of monsoon between June and September is 887 mm but a deficit is being predicted.

It is reported that there is 0 % chance of excess rainfall while there is a 10 % chance of above normal seasonal rainfall.

Monsoon rain will arrive on the southern tip of Kerala by around June 1 and retreat from the western state of Rajasthan by September.

The Indian economy is heavily dependent on agriculture and the livelihood of the Indian farmer largely depends on the Monsoon rains.

Around 58% of the total employment in the country is through agriculture and agricultural sector contributes around 18% f the Countries GDP.


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