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Lakhs of Assamese left Coffee Plantations : Growers at risk

Lakhs of Assamese who work in the coffee plantations in Kodagu, Sakleshpur and Chikmgaluru have left Karnataka to Assame with in last two weeks.

Reason 1 : To Update Names in NRC

Supreme Court Of India recently instructed the North-Eastern state to update the National Register of Citizens(NRC) for Assam before December 31.

Assam state in the process of wean away illegal migrants/infiltrators from the neighbouring Bangladesh have started verifying individual citizenship status and update its records of citizenship(NRC).

Reports says that,Thousands of Assamese, who work in the coffee plantations in Kodagu, Sakleshpur and Chikmgaluru have gone back home to get their names updated in the register.

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Reason 2: Karnataka Govt ordered Coffee Growers check illegal immigrants.

The Karnataka government recently passed a order asking plantation and hotel owners not to hire illegal migrants for work. Home department sought a report from superintendents of police of all districts.

The Karnataka Growers’ Federation says about 1.5 lakh workers from the northeast are employed in Hassan, Chikkamagaluru and Kodagu districts.

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Large Flee Hits Coffee Growers

Coffee Estates in Kodagu, Sakleshpur and Chikmgaluru is largely dependent on workers from Assam, who are working in coffee plantaion from last decade, are now in trouble as peak season for coffee picking begins.

“We are fast approaching the peak season for picking, drying and pulping of coffee seeds. We are left with skeletal staff as most of our workers are from Assam and they have gone back to get their NRC updated,” said a coffee planter from Kodagu.

Assamese labourers were informed by their relatives back home to return immediately and get their names updated in the NRC, planters have been informing each other to allow the labourers to go in the interest of national security.

“We have been here for more than five years and happy to work in the plantations. We are paid well and are able to save and send money back home. Now we have to go back to Assam for the NRC,” said one Assamese Worker.

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