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Drought swept Kenya Coffee,Ethiopia Coffee Earns Record – Africa Coffee News

Drought swept Kenya Coffee farms

According to the Livestock, Tea and Coffee Situation Report from the county’s agriculture department, tea and coffee production fell by nearly 50 per cent as drought swept across farms in the Kenya region.

“The flowering of coffee was low during April (the main flowering period) 2016. This was related to rainfall in January that reduced the required water stress period,” stated the report.

Water stress in some cases caused withering, leaf fall and nutritional stress yellowing of leaves.But although the region is yet to fully recover from the drought, there are indications that scattered rains have induced early flowering in coffee, raising hopes of higher production.

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Ethiopia Earns Record $900M Revenue from Coffee Exports

Ethiopia earned a record $866 million from the export of coffee, its principal revenue earner in the last fiscal year.The East African country exported 221,000 tons of coffee in the fiscal year 2015-2016, the Ethiopian Herald reports.

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Africa’s Largest Coffee Chain Java House Acquired by Dubai Firm Abraaj

The Dubai-based Abraaj Group, which already has approximately $3.2 billion worth of holdings throughout the continent — much of which is in the retail sector — has announced it has entered into a definitive agreement to purchase the Java House Group for an undisclosed amount.
Java House was founded in Nairobi by Kevin Ashley in 1999, growing to 13 locations in Kenya before being acquired by the Washington D.C.-based investment firm Emerging Capital Partners in 2012 purchased a majority stake in 2012.

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La Marzocco inaugurates a new well in Tanzania

The Songwa Estates partners, La Marzocco, Mahlkönig and Probat, have funded the construction of wells with modern pump and cement platforms within the vicinity of the coffee farm in Mbeya, Tanzania.This well means that the residents of the Songwa communities have access to clean water for the very first time.

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Ethiopian Gesha sets price record for African Coffee

An Ethiopian coffee farm established in 2012 by Ethiopian-born Rachel Samuel and American Adam Overton, has set a new benchmark for African coffee with the sale of its Gesha at auction for a record US$85 per pound.

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