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Domestic Output and Global prices pushed up India’s Coffee Exports

According to marketing report(year ended September 2017) released by Coffee Board,said India’s Coffee exports rose by 9.36% to 3,76,873 tonne.

Senior Coffee Board explained as two reasons for this rise in exports, Firstly, Record Domestic output and Secondly Good Global prices for coffee.

As a result, coffee exports remained robust both in terms of volume and value in 2016-17.

The coffee exports rose to 3,76,873 tonne this marketing year(2016-17),where as 2015-16 marketing year coffee shipments stood at 3,44,613 tonne.

Total coffee exports in value terms rose to Rs 6,191.43 crore from Rs 5,275 crore.

The domestic supply was adequate as the output was record 3.48 lakh tonne in the 2015-16 crop year.

India is the Asia’s third-largest producer and exporter of coffee and exports majority to Italy, Germany, Turkey, Russian Federation and Belgium(70 % comprises Robusta variety).


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