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Coffee,pepper and cardamom yield drop in Kodagu

Every year growers were in the delightful when coffee harvest starts. However,this time the yields of commercial crops like Coffea,Pepper and Cardamom appears low.

The heavy rainfall in June, July and August caused the coffee plantation and peppercorns to rot. The coffee plantation of 4,500 acres was affected by landslides and 1,000 hectares of paddy fields. Thus, officials estimated that 50 per cent of yields would fall.

Arabica coffee is grown at Somwarpete, Kodlipete, Sani and for which harvest has began. Robusta, which is growing in the southern kodagu, is expected to harvest by January. However, two types of coffee are not filling farmers' pockets.

For those who grow a hundred bags of coffee, only 50 bags are likely to get. "No crop,No price" is the situation of growers.

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Its not only coffee but also pepper crop damaged. The vines turn brown and are hard to retain for next year. The flooding of the coffee plantation for a week during rainy season is a main reason to lose the vines. The vines that have grown up for ten years are losing infront of their eyes. 

"We are hoping to get the pepper harvest in January and support life," said a coffee grower from Kodagu.

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