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Shortage of robusta parchment likely as growers prefer cherry coffees this season

 Robusta parchment is likely to face a shortage this season as most growers have opted to cherry coffees due to higher prices witnessed in the early part of the harvest season.

Growers and curers confirmed that there is likely to be a shortage of robusta parchment or washed robustas, which command a premium in the international market. 

“There’s hardly any robusta parchment. Most people have gone for cherry this year as prices were good initially and parchment prices were nothing to talk about. Now there is a huge shortage and robusta cherry parchment prices are picking up now,” – Jeffrey Rebello, Vice-President, United Planters Association of Southern India (UPASI).

Farmgate prices of robusta parchment have moved up from the levels of ₹6,300-6,800 per 50 kg bag to ₹8,200-8,250. Robusta cherry prices which were hovering around ₹3,900-4000 are ruling at the same levels.

Traditionally, there used be a big price differential between robusta parchment and robusta cherry. The parchment prices used to be twice that of cherry coffees. 

N Ramanathan, Chairman, Karnataka Planters Association, said the shortfall in robusta crop size could be around 20 per cent in the country this year. About 70 per cent of the harvest is over and more clarity would be there in the next few weeks.

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