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Severe Cyclone To Hit Tamil Nadu-Andhra Pradesh Coasts In Next 3 Days, Warns IMD

The India Met Department (IMD) on Thursday issued an advisory stating a cyclone has formed over the Bay of Bengal which may hit the coasts of Andhra Pradesh on December 16.

According to reports, the depression, which is predicted to intensify into a severe cyclonic storm (with winds of up to 120 kmph), is currently more than 1,000 kms away from the Indian coast.

“Extremely heavy rainfall could take place over coastal Andhra Pradesh on December 16”, the IMD has warned.

The weather department also said that the cyclone is expected to intensify into a severe cyclone, the same category as ‘Gaja’ that hit the South Tamil Nadu exactly a month ago.

Fishermen, who are currently out in the deep sea areas, are advised to return to the coast.

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