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Destruction – In the name of urbanization

Recent urbanization activities happening around Sakleshpur region is really worrying.

We have read the latest news on deficient rainfall in this region, It says the main reason is indiscriminate and massive destruction of what they call ‘Monsoon Forests’ in Karnataka and Kerala. New one to add to this massive destruction is Hassan-B C Road four-lane widening work and YattinaHole Project.

I was traveling from Bangalore to Mangalore earlier this week and was saddened to see the number of trees being axed for this project. There were thousands of trees which could be over 100 years old being destroyed due to this widening project. Also you can see massive destruction of forest and fertile land for YattinaHole Project.

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What our doubt and concern is how could govt. take up these projects in sensitive Western Ghats regions,which plays a very prominent part in bringing rainfall.

Recently we have seen Activists and residents of Bangalore raising voice against planned steel flyover for which 2,244 TREES FROM 71 SPECIES has to be axed.Also have seen petition signed by thousands against “Stop Shivamogga-Thirthahalli NH-13 road” widening .

What worrying more is ,Why peoples around sakleshpur are muted,why no agitation for any development which effect the ecosystem.
I have not seen any groups raising concerns,at-lest for this recent road widening project which takes up thousands of trees. Don’t we have any environmentalists,politicians or social groups here to take see what are the measures to be taken in to account before and after this  development projects.

I also read news that if the road widening between Hassan and Sakleshpur is undertaken by acquiring government land, cutting down of thousands of trees could have been avoided.No government has given a thought to protection and development of this rain catchment areas.

At least now, with doom staring at us, the state government should set up an expert committee comprising environmentalists, ecologists, hydrologists and geologists. A correlative analysis of geology, ecology and environment of catchment areas should be done and measures taken for their protection before it’s too late says one of Geologist.

Explaining the reasons for deficient rainfall, noted environmentalist Dr Yellappa Reddy says there is complete loss of hydro-geological character of the Western Ghats.

“If the Himalayan glaciers are the main water source for Ganga and Yamuna, the Monsoon Forests of the Western Ghats are the main water source for the Cauvery, and many other rivers. With massive deforestation, the three-tier ecosystem that forms the life matrix has been completely disturbed. With break in evapo-transpiration (the moisture level in ambient air), one can see its detrimental effects in the form of flash floods, siltation and no cohesion in clouds, and finally, no precipitation,” he says.

Our only concern now is,hope the government will complete this project immediately and more saplings are laid to compensate the loss.

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