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Deficient rains in coffee-growing regions hits next crop

Coffee Growers were happy after countries prominent met departments forecasted good rains earlier this year, but unfortunately monsoons have failed in the state for the third consecutive year.

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Poor rains over coffee growing areas have added to the woes of already troubled coffee growers of the country.

According to latest reports of major coffee associations, the next coffee production may witness steep drop due to erotic and inadequate rains in the coffee-growing regions of Karnataka and Kerala.

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Robusta production to be hit badly in the next production.

“There is not enough ground water and the south west monsoon has been poor. Though the coffee blossoms were good, the formation of robusta berries has been hit by inadequate showers. So our calculation is the production could be down by 30%,” said MM Chengappa, chairman, Karnataka Planters’ Association.

“Intermittent rain and sunshine has resulted in the onset of blackrot (a fungal disease) in the shrubs here. Given the present condition, the crop should be lower by 15% here,” said Prashant Rajesh, secretary of Wayanad Coffee Growers Association.

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