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Coffee – Weekly Roundup 5/May/17

World coffee shipments decline by 2%

Global coffee exports fell 2% in March from a year earlier to 10.72 million 60 kilo bags, figures from the International Coffee Organization (ICO) showed on Friday.

Vietnam pepper market looks to be moving sideways

The Vietnamese pepper market is “moving sideways” these days due to low demand from buyers on the one hand and low willingness to sell at low levels from the farmers and collectors on the other.

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World Bank says coffee, tea prices to fall this year

Coffee, tea and cocoa prices could fall by more than six per cent this year due to greater supply, a report says. The World Bank report, however, also projects that agricultural raw materials production is expected to rise by four per cent.

Ugandan coffee exports up by two-thirds

Uganda’s coffee shipments surged 64.4% last month from the same period last year, buoyed by output from newly maturing trees, the state-run sector regulator, Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA), said in a report on Friday

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Indonesia’s Lampung sees 28% leap in coffee exports

Robusta coffee bean exports from Indonesia’s main growing area of Lampung rose 28% in March from the same month a year earlier.

Cooxupé expects 7% rise in coffee sales

Cooxupé, the world’s largest arabica coffee cooperative, expects to sell 7% more coffee this year, reaching 6.2 million 60 kilo bags, in spite of a smaller-than-expected crop.

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Costa Rican coffee shipments down 4%

Costa Rica’s coffee exports fell 4.2% year-on-year in March to 168,413 60 kilo bags, national coffee institute ICAFE said.

Honduras – Coffee exports rise 15.2% in April 2017

Coffee exports totalled 821,318 60-kg bags in April 2017, compared with 713,122 bags in the same month last year, the National Coffee Institute (IHCAFE) said.

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