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Coffee served on trains to cost more: Indian Railways

New Delhi: Indian Railways has decided to hike prices of tea and coffee served on trains besides discontinuing the practice of serving tea in pots, according to a circular issued by the Railway Board to all zones. The price of a 150ml cup of tea with tea bag and 150ml coffee using instant coffee powder in disposable cups of 170ml have been raised from ₹ 7 to ₹ 10 per cup. Readymade standard tea will, however, continue to be sold at ₹ 5 per cup.

“It was a proposal from IRCTC which was approved by the Railway Board. It is a minimal hike. We decided to discontinue the pot system as not many were ordering it anyway. We are trying to cut down on many things that are mere frills,” said an officer.

Tea in pots (285ml), two tea bags, two sugar pouches which was priced at ₹ 10 and coffee in pots (285ml), with two instant coffee sachets and two sugar pouches priced at ₹ 15 have been discontinued.

The board has asked zones to change the licence fee accordingly and adjust the price as per requirement.

IRCTC caters to about 350 trains that have pantry cars. There will be no change in prices in Rajdhani and Shatabdi trains as the food package in these trains are prepaid

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