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Coffee blossoms early in Wayanad

Untimely blossoming of coffee plants owing to erratic rain during the harvesting season has put farmers in trouble— who are already struggling with the slash in prices of Robusta coffee and low production — in the Wayanad district.

Coffee plants have bloomed in major coffee cultivating areas in the district and harvest would have to be extended to nearly a fortnight owing to this, farming sources said.

30% blooming

“Nearly 30% blooming is reported following the erratic shower in many parts of the district a few days ago,” M. Karuthamani, Deputy Director, Coffee Board (Extension) Kerala, told The Hindu. “If the plants get a backup shower in a fortnight, it will help the farming community get a good harvest next year,” he said. Usually, the coffee plants would bloom if they got a rainfall of 20 cm. But backup showers were needed in two weeks’ time to support bean formation after pollination, Mr. Karuthamani added.

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According to Wayanad Coffee Growers Association (WCGA) president Prasanth Rajesh, the erratic rain in the midst of harvesting added to the worries of the farmers. Spikes had been formed after the rain, resulting in coffee blooming in different stages.

It would not only delay bean picking this season, but also hamper regular picking operation next year, he said. Workers would have to be engaged for nearly seven more days by providing menial jobs and paying high wages, Mr. Rajesh added.

Crop loss

Farming sources said there was nearly 20-25% crop loss in Wayanad during the season, a major Robusta coffee growing area in the State, owing to the heavy rain last year.

Heavy rain also triggered diseases such as black rot disease, berry dropping due to fungal infections and melee bugs, besides affecting production.

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According to the data available with the Coffee Board, coffee cultivation is spread over 84,931 ha in the State, of which 67,366 ha is in Wayanad.

Source:The Hindu

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