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BRANDING is the only way to survive for Indian Coffee

Oversupply from big coffee producing countries like Brazil, Colombia, Vietnam and Indonesia caused prices to fall day by day in global markets this season.In-order to survive this situation for Indian coffee sector is to create its own brand in international and domestic market.

Anil Kumar Bhandari, president, India Coffee Trust recently urged goverment to come out with strategies to create brands which would help Indian Coffee sector.

“The Ministry of Commerce should set up a special focus group for coffee, involving all stake holders in the industry, to create a profile, brand and a sophisticated communication for Indian coffee at home and outside. The government also has to sanction a fund to build a brand,’’ he said.

Coffees from Central American countries, South American countries, Kenya, Ethiopia are getting premium in global market because of branding.

Though Indian coffee is the only coffee which grows under the shade in World to produce best quality coffee,compared to other South American and African countries,but unable to command a premium in the global markets without brand.

“Indian coffee can double its value if its able to position Indian coffee under specialty and premium varieties and not as bulk commodity sold at the basic price,’’ added Bhandari.

Four-day international coffee festival started on Tuesday in Bangalore.

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