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Berry Borer ‘BROCO’ Damages Brazil’s 40 percent Coffee Crop

The berry borer named – “Broca” has spread in main coffee growing areas of Brazil.

According to reports 40% of Brazil coffee growing areas has been affected by this broca infestations.

Around 5 to 10 percent of green coffee is attacked by female borer and started laying eggs.

“The amount of low grade (coffee) is going to be higher this year compared with years past”  U.S. importer said.

Ban on Endosulfan helped “Broco”

The damage from the beetle – until 2013 controlled by the pesticide endosulfan, But which was banned by Brazil’s federal health agency in 2013.

Ban on a pesticide used for 40 years has helped the destructive insect to flourish.

Brazilian exporter said -Available pesticides have not been effective and farmers appear to have lost control of the beetle

“It was a problem that basically had disappeared from Brazil” .

“Broca is difficult to control ..its proliferation can cause incalculable losses,” said exporter.

Reports said the alternatives to endosulfan are expensive and farmers’ costs are rising.

Brazil’s producers, who are already struggling with the impact of poor weather in some areas as well as plant fatigue after a big harvest. The government expected the annual crop to be down 11 percent on the year even before the beetle problem emerged.

Brazil is also experiencing smaller crop this year due to biennial off-cycle crop, which is naturally smaller than the prior crop.

Endosulfan is on a list of 12 chemicals known as the “dirty dozen” that cause adverse effects on humans and the ecosystem.

Endosulfan can be carried over large distances by wind and water, says Brazil’s Environment Ministry, contaminating the environment and the food chain by passing through plants and animals.



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