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After floods,Drought-like situation in major pepper-growing areas in Wayanad, Idukki

After floods, Drought-like situation in major pepper-growing areas in Kerala like Wayanad, Idukki is affecting pepper vines.

Pepper plantations across the state has been affected by diseases such as quick wilt and slow wilt due to drought-like situations. Especially in major pepper growing areas such as Wayanad and Idukki districts.

The high humidity and high temperature due to the drought-like situation after the flood caused multiplication of pathogens like Phytophthora, P. Rajendran, Associate Director of Research Station, Ambalavayal, said.

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‘‘The outbreak of fungal diseases in black pepper has been reported from various parts of the district. Though we had advised the farming community to adopt preventive measures, including application of Bordeaux mixture to pepper vines, many a farmer was not able to follow the advice as the community was in a crisis after the flood,” Dr. Rajendran said.

“Torrential rain had washed off black pepper vines in many parts of the State. Moreover, the drought-like condition has triggered fungal diseases like quick wilt and soft wilt. This will adversely affect pepper production in the coming season,” Kishore Shamji Kuruwa, Cochin Chapter head, Indian Pepper and Spice Traders, Farmers, Producers and Planters Consortium, said.

Source: The Hindu

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