Arabica Coffee Harvest : Key Points to remember – 1

Arabica is the basis for almost 70% of all coffee beverages. Based on where it is cultivated, the flavours differ. The Arabica has a sweeter taste as compared to other coffee beans that are a bit bitter in taste. Inorder to maintain these balanced aroma coupled with a sharp and sweet taste, Central coffee Research Institute and Extension wing of Coffee Board ,Chikmangalore in its latest coffee cultivation guide book list out the best practices to fallow in coffee cultivation to increase the production and productivity.

In order to maintain and protect the arabica coffee beverage quality, aroma, thickness of the brew, taste and flavor as well as acidity in the cup, the right kind of coffee fruits have to be harvested in right time following certain suggested guidelines.

Improper harvesting will result in spoiling the cup quality even if the coffee plants are known to belong to top quality category. Therefore, following the right kind of harvesting procedure will help in protecting the inherent quality as well as helps in getting premium prices.[irp]

  • Coffee fruits have to be picked as and when they become ripe; this can be understood by gently squeezing the fruit with fingers. On gentle squeeze, the bean inside the fruit pops out easily.


  •  Under ripe or over ripe fruits should not be mixed or used for the preparation of parchment coffee as they can spoil the overall cup quality.[irp]
  • The under ripe coffee fruits result in the production of immature beans and the over ripe ones cause foxy coffee resulting in brown beans with fruity cup.


  • Picking of arabica fruit have to be done as and when fruits rightly mature, So complete harvest of arabica will consist of many rounds of picking.[irp]
  • The under ripe and over ripe fruits needs to be separated from the lot and only right kind of desired fruits have to be pulped in the course of preparation of parchment coffee.


  • The under and over ripe fruits can be converted into cherry coffee.

Source: COFFEE KAIPIDI by Central Coffee Research Institute,Chikmagalur

PC:McKay Savage