Kerala farmers back to cardamom cultivation as the price hits a record high

Cardamom, the queen of spices, fetched a record price in the market this year and brought good income to Kerala farmers who are otherwise affected by the many weather calamities.

With the price hitting Rs 6,000/kg, cardamom growing areas saw people buying acres of farms and those who had turned to other crops returning to cultivate the green gold.

The sudden spurt in cardamom prices has been due to the fall in production, says Dr Muthuswamy Murugan, professor and HoD, Cardamom Research Station at Pampadumpara in Idukki. “Due to adverse weather conditions, the production has fallen by 25% to 35%.”

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Production of green cardamom has fallen from 25,000 tonnes to 10,000 to 12,000 tonnes in the past few years.

The average price of cardamom reached Rs 4,000 this season and it presently commands a price of Rs 2,900 to Rs 3,000 per kg.

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