Hemavthi Bridge in Sakleshpur is damaged due to heavy vehicles and poor maintenance

The bridge constructed across River Hemavathi, which connects Bengaluru-Mangaluru at Sakleshpur town is in a broken-down condition with four expansion joints of the bridge being damaged.

Hundreds of heavy vehicles, including trucks, buses, gas tankers, and light vehicles, pass over the bridge every day. In addition, heavy machineries for the Yettinahole project and pipes are being transported through the bridge.

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The pressure on the bridge is heavy and the expansion joints of all the four pillars of the bridge are damaged. While one joint is completely damaged, two others are twisted and a few parts of the parapet walls of the bridge have collapsed.
Civil engineer Megatavalli M H Srujan said as joints have been expanded rainwater passes through the gap and the concrete absorbs water. Iron rods of the pillars are rusted due to lack of maintenance. The bridge is in a worst condition. The expansion joints should be replaced once in 15 years, he said.

However, National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) project director Lingegowda claimed that the works on four-lane concrete road project, between Hassan and Bantwal Cross (B C) Road, is under progress and a new bridge will be constructed across River Hemavathi. The authorities will inspect the existing bridge and sent a proposal to the government, he added.

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