Coffee plantations in Karnataka suffer a crop loss of 33%

The Coffee Board of India’s preliminary surveys in rain and flood affected areas in Karnataka and Kerala estimate the 33% damages to coffee plantations.
Flood and landslides in Karnataka and Kerala have damaged large areas of coffee and spice crops in plantations.
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According to the preliminary assessment in Karnataka, of the crop-bearing area of 226,244 hectares (one hectare = 110,000 square feet), about 97,365 hectares has suffered a crop loss of more than 33 per cent and 620 hectares is reported to have been affected by landslides and floods. 
The Spice Board assisted the government of Karnataka in assessing the damage caused to cardamom plantations in Coorg district.
According to the report, about 1,800 hectares of cardamom plantations have been affected with a crop loss of more than 33 per cent. The report has been submitted to the state government.