Cardamom prices hit all-time high

Cardamom price continues to break records due to poor availability in the Kerala markets.Delayed production due to a shortfall in monsoon rains has resulted in a spike in cardamom prices.

The first crop of the season had not reached the auction centres and adverse climate had impacted the production. Usually the first crop reaches auction centres by June/July. However, because of poor southwest monsoon, the first crop is expected only by the end of August or in September this time.

The Cardamom has been sold at a record-breaking price of Rs 7,000 per kg under an auction system at the Spices Board of India’s auction centre at Puttady.The average price also increased to an all-time high of Rs 4,735 per kg. It was a record in the maximum and average prices in both the auctions, held in the morning and evening, at Spices Park.

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"There are typically six to seven harvests with the beginning of the crop season in July second week. But due to the decrease in rainfall, farmers have not yet begun the first harvesting. Normally by July second week newly-harvested cardamom used to reach the markets.Poor southwest monsoon delayed crop sowing and the first crop is expected to arrive at the market only by August-end or September. We expect if the present situation continues, cardamom production will dip by 25%,” – K S Mathew, chairman, Cardamom Producers Company, Vandanmedu said

“The present price rise will benefit the farmers. Now, small-scale farmers can sell their cardamom in the range of Rs 4,700 to 5,000 per kg. Due to decline in production the spice has not yet arrived at the market.The prices would continue to break records. We hope it will reach Rs 10,000 per kg”-A A George, a supplier based in Kumily said.

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