Brazil Arabica Upcoming Production to Drop,Prices will rise – Rabobank

According to latest reports released by Rabobank after its Brazilian crop tour, 2017-18 Brazilian Arabica production will decline,this deficient Arabica production may support Arabica prices to rise this season.

Rabobank forecast Arabica fall 13% to 36.7m bags. Bank said expected drop in Arabica production is not due to any Weather condition, drop is actually a part of the cyclical nature of coffee production. Brazilian Arabica plants have an on-year and an off-year cycle due to the natural pattern of flowering and harvest.


2017-18 season crop is on off-cycle and decline of 5.3m bags is expected. Rabobank said this decline as “rather a mild drop”.

“Arabica trees were enjoying excellent health in all visited regions,” Rabobank said.

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