Black Pepper Cultivation – Calendar of Operations from August to September


  • Continue new-planting / replanting
  • Undertake slash – weeding
  • Tie growing shoots of young plants to the standards.
  • Prune the branches of support trees to regulate shade.
  • Apply 5 kg of decomposed coffee manure and 1 kg neemcake per vine with the onset of north east monsoon.
  • Apply balance half dose of the recommended fertilizers (Urea-50g : Rock Phosphate-150g : MOP 125g).
  • Apply second round of biocontrol agents (AMF, Trichoderma Pseudomonas fluorescens and Pochonia chlamydosporia) along with organics.
  • Apply Azospirillum (50 g/vine) and P. solubilizer (50 g/vine along with decomposed cowdung.
  • Spray the foliage with Bordeaux mixture 1% and drench the basin of the vines with copper oxychloride 0.2% @ of 2-5 litres/vine.
  • Avoid copper oxychloride drenching if biocontrol agents are applied. OR
    Spray foliage and drench the soil with potassium phosphonate 0.3% or metalaxyl mancozeb 0.125% (@ 2-5 litres per vine).
  • Undertake foliar spray with quinalphos (0.05%) or check pollu beetle and top shoot borer infestations.
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